Snam inaugurates its first natural gas and bio-methane self-service station in Verona

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There are now 1500 service stations for gas vehicles in Italy

The first compressed natural gas (CNG) and bio-methane (Bio-CNG) self-service station inaugurated by Snam4Mobility, the Snam subsidiary for sustainable mobility, is now fully operative in Verona. The new service station in Verona means that there are now 1,500 such centres in Italy supplying natural gas. The service station managed by Goldengas will only supply alternative and ecological fuels including, in the near future, the advanced biomethane from the Snam plant in Albairate, near Milan, refined from organic waste.

The inauguration on 6 July was attended, among others, by the Mayor of Verona, Federico Sboarina, and the Vice President of Snam4Mobility, Andrea Ricci. The association world was represented by the President of Assogasmetano, Flavio Merigo, and the President of Ngv Italy, Mariarosa Baroni. Representatives of the automotive sector also attended for cars (Seat) as well as commercial vehicles (Iveco).

“This first gas and biomethane self-service station is part of all those initiatives we have promoted to encourage different approaches and create a more environmentally aware and less polluting mindset”, said Mayor Sboarina, recalling the projects implemented by his administration to increase cycle paths, columns for recharging electric vehicles and bike-sharing stations with electric bicycles.

“The construction of Snam4Mobility‘s first natural gas and biomethane self-service station is another important stage in our efforts to promote sustainable mobility in Italy. CNG and biomethane, which today already represents more than 25% of the gas used for transport in Italy, have enormous potential for decarbonising mobility of people and goods, while also fighting pollution,” Ricci explained.

The Veneto Region already has ENI self-service stations for methane in Vicenza and Padua and a Tamoil centre in Monastier di Treviso, in addition to the Ekomobil plant in Fombio (Lodi) and Piccini Fuels in Foiano della Chiana (Arezzo). Other inaugurations are planned in the short term.

The fact that motorists can now refuel in total autonomy 24 hours a day is an important step forward in the spread of renewable sources in the transport sector as an essential way to reducing polluting emissions.

The way ahead for this opportunity was the Decree issued by the Ministry of the Interior on 12 March 2019 concerning “Fire prevention rules for the design, construction and operation of roadside distribution systems for natural gas for motor vehicles”. The decree envisages that users keen to use this method should be “instructed in advance” and registered in a specific database.

To this end, in November 2020 Snam launched the site with a specific video tutorial. The company, in line with its Strategic Plan for 2020-2024, aims to expand infrastructures for sustainable mobility throughout Italy by setting up 150 new natural gas and biomethane service stations and five service stations for hydrogen.