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Schermolux Illuminotecnica heading in a green direction

Schermolux Illuminotecnica heading in a green direction: sustainable post-pandemic mobility

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Giovanni Lucarelli, CEO of the company, talks about its commitment to developing a specific division and new products

A division specifically dedicated to sustainable mobility and the desire to contribute towards the recovery of a sector that, perhaps more than others, was very badly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic last year. This is the view for the future at Schermolux Illuminotecnica. The company specializes in the design, production and marketing of illuminated signs, as well as electric charging columns, LED lamps, electronic price lists and other devices for refuelling stations.

“Like all companies, we also suffered from the situation during the Covid period, with a drop in orders and especially a slowdown in work progress,” said CEO Giovanni Lucarelli, highlighting the “climate of uncertainty” that has forced many customers to slow down or postpone their investments. The scenario described by the entrepreneur, however, began to improve after March, with a slow recovery on the market and a renewed climate of confidence associated with the launch of the vaccination campaign. “Many of our customers have begun to confirm existing orders and place new ones with us. We consequently hope that 2021 will be a year of significant recovery,” Lucarelli went on.

Against this background of renewed confidence, Schermolux Illuminotecnica is pursuing its commitment to developing its Green Mobility division launched before the pandemic. Some of the most innovative projects underway at the Brianza-based company are linked with this initiative. “The Green Mobility division is currently under development and we are working hard – with economic and human resources alike – to promote and advertise our products. This large number of projects encourages us to hope and believe in important developments for this division,” Lucarelli explained. He also feels that approval of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) may well be a vital tool to support a drive for new enterprises. “Everything depends on the governance and proper management of funds,” Lucarelli pointed out. He feels that the “significant investments” envisaged within this framework are potentially unquestionably positive for companies – from technological and environmental points of view alike, “provided that everything is undertaken in full respect and good organization of these funds”.

As previously pointed out by shareholder Antonio Fazio, co-CEO of Schermolux, it is by now clear that the future the company must target an “eco-green” world. The initiatives being developed by the company with this paradigm shift include the new “Small” line, which seeks to reduce the final cost of products by recycling construction materials and consequently reducing environmental impact. New columns for recharging e-bikes, motorcycles and cars have also been created, in line with EU eco-compatibility requirements. This is the first step in promoting products with an increasingly lower environmental impact.

Schermolux Illuminotecnica is based in Cavenago Brianza (Monza Brianza, Italy) and has operated since 1957 on national and international markets for illuminated signs as a supplier to major companies in the oil and other sectors. Its impressive catalogue includes electric recharge columns, ceiling lights and LEDs, electronic price lists, poles and totems, signs and displays, furnishing items for forecourts such as product indicators for shelter uprights, POS cabinets, container and display trolleys, air or water columns, opening and closing timetable signs.

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