Fuels: 983 violations ascertained in 2019


The figure emerged in the latest “Blue Book” published by the Italian Customs and Monopoly Agency. The report also highlights an increase in excise tax revenue for energy products

Excise duties on energy products saw the treasury take 32.4 billion euros in 2019, equal to 95% of revenues from energy and alcohol products coming to 34.2 billion euros. This emerges from the latest “Blue Book”, the annual report published by the Customs and Monopoly Agency (ADM), the public body responsible for customs and excise duties and regulation and control of the gaming sector, as well as preventing and combating fraud in taxation and non-taxation fields.

The document was published recently and also indicates that 983 violations were ascertained in the fuel sector involving tax evasion coming to approximately 108 million euros.

In relation to excise duties on energy products – for which ADM supervises production, storage, handling and consumption and guarantees the compliant application of the legislation – an increase in the ascertained amounts to €109.8 million euros was found compared to the previous year which, taking into account the general stability of rates, can essentially be attributed to increased consumption of fuels and electricity.

Fraud prevention operations uncovered several kinds of offences. The most frequent include VAT fraud, implemented through the use of false declarations of intent, missing traders or the so-called carousel fraud whereby fictitious economic activities seek to obtain tax credits.

A growing phenomenon involves contraband “designer fuels”, hydrocarbon mixtures of diesel and oils of different natures blended so that the products can be classified as lubricant preparations or solvent/diluent fluids and thereby excluded from the tax regime and other obligations envisaged for energy products. A similar case concerns false denaturation of fuels for the purpose of excise duty fraud.

The Customs and Monopoly Agency mentions among the salient facts of 2019 the discovery in Sicily of illicit trafficking of diesel fuel from the Balkans. In March last year, the Court of Siracusa ordered the preventive seizure of a depot worth € 8.679 million euros. The accusation made by investigators coordinated by the local Public Prosecutor’s Office refers to contraband of petroleum products.

Lastly, the Agency also reported an increase in the controls carried out per capita by staff of 15.76% on an annual basis. In numerical terms, an estimated 1,513,636 controls were made, compared to 1,353,132 in 2018.