Car eco-bonus: another one hundred million euros for incentives

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The fund has been refinanced and most of the resources, totalling 65 million, will be used to encourage purchases of electric and plug-in hybrid cars

The Eco-bonus fund for purchasing low-emission vehicles has been refinanced with one hundred million euros for 2021. A note published by the Ministry of Economic Development indicates that the measure was included in the fiscal decree approved by the Council of Ministers, following the proposal of Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti.

In particular, 65 million euros will be used as an incentive to purchase M1 category vehicles included in the 0-60 gr/km carbon dioxide emission band, or electric cars and plug-in hybrids. Vehicles in the same category belonging to the 61-135 gr/km of carbon dioxide emission band – which include mild hybrid, full hybrid and traditional internal combustion – have been allocated ten million euros.

Used vehicles in the M1 category with emissions ranging from 0 to 160 gr/km of carbon dioxide saw five million euros assigned. The remaining 20 million euros are directed towards purchases of commercial vehicles in the special M1 or N1 categories, of which 15 million euros are set aside for purchases of fully electric vehicles. The figures are lower than the 300 million euros envisaged in the first drafts of the decree.

This refinancing comes at a time of great need in the automotive sector. The funds previously set aside for electric and plug-in hybrid cars, starting with the 2019 Budget, ran out on 27 August. Last 3 September, the government moved the 57 million extra bonus to the Eco-bonus – reducing the total incentive of €2,000 with scrapping and €1,000 without scrapping – which ran out on 24 September. The situation is more favourable for other types of cars, for which the previous funding is still available.