Assopetroli, Assotir, Cna-Fita and Confartigianato Trasporti ask for urgent measures to combat natural gas price rises

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In an open letter sent to Ministers Cingolani, Franco, Giorgetti and Giovannini, these Associations asked the government to take urgent action to combat critical issues associated with higher natural gas prices for the road transport sector

The grouping of associations – Assopetroli-Assoenergia, Assotir (Italian Association of Haulage Companies), Cna-Fita (National confederation of artisan and small-medium sized enterprises for road haulage companies) and Confartigianato Trasporti – asked the government to take urgent action to combat critical issues associated with the increase in the price of natural gas for the road transport sector. This request was expressed in an open letter sent to the Ministers for the Ecological Transition, the Economy, Economic Development and Sustainable Infrastructure, and Mobility, respectively Roberto Cingolani, Daniele Franco, Giancarlo Giorgetti and Enrico Giovannini.

These Associations jointly feel that continued increases in the price of natural gas is generating a significant market shortage of the AdBlue additive, needed to reduce polluting emissions by Euro 5 and Euro 6 vehicles. The main manufacturing companies have decided to suspend production given the high prices of raw materials. In order to avoid frustrating the economic efforts that road haulage companies have made to adapt their vehicle fleets to more eco-sustainable solutions, the four Associations have asked the government to apply proposed two temporary tax credits: one for the purchase of natural gas for industrial uses, which would ensure an immediate resumption of production by industrial supply chains with a high intensity of natural gas consumption and lower consumer prices; the other for road haulage companies operating Euro 5 or higher category commercial vehicles, squeezed by increases in wholesale energy and retail fuels alike.