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Interview with Marika Venturi, President of Assocostieri

Assocostieri passes the milestone of one hundred associates

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The energy logistics association achieves an important result in a particularly difficult year. Simplification, cash flow and energy transition at the heart of its efforts


Interview with MARIKA VENTURI, President of Assocostieri


Assocostieri, a trade association representing independent energy logistics companies affiliated with Confcommercio, passed the milestone of one hundred associates this year – a result that is all the more impressive in a year significantly affected by the coronavirus emergency. This fine performance emerged during the last AGM held in July by video-conference. On that occasion, President Marika Venturi spoke of an “historic milestone” and pointed out that “almost all LNG infrastructures have now been joined by national and international companies operating in sectors such as oil logistics, LPG, storage and independent distribution, as well as supplies to ships for marine refuelling and bunkering”.

During the AGM, the Board and members took stock of the situation, the impact of the crisis on the energy sector, the initiatives implemented by the association and future prospects. Efforts focused on administrative simplification, in particular as regards the information to be provided to institutions, and cash flow. An agreement has also been signed with Banca del Fucino whereby a direct line of credit will be made available to associate members.

In addition, as reported by the Director General, Dario Soria, Assocostieri, together with Assopetroli Assoenergia, has promoted the creation of the National GHG Reduction Consortium, set up with the aim of jointly complying with the obligation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for suppliers of fuels and electricity for transport. Lastly, another agreement was signed recently with Luiss Guido Carli University in Rome “to develop joint activities and encourage placement, in member companies, of well-trained and talented young people”.

As regards the future, Marika Venturi highlighted that Assocostieri, thanks to more than 35 years as the free market guarantor for energy products, is at the heart of an energy transition process that seeks to address the challenges of coming decades with a view to the objectives of the European Green Deal, and that LPG, LNG, bio-fuels and bio-methane play an essential role against this background. As regards LPG, which represented about 5% of national oil consumption in 2019, the Association hopes that equal treatment will be maintained for this product as for other alternative fuels envisaged by the pertinent European Directive (Dafi).

On the subject of LNG, Assocostieri has a favourable stance as regards optimization of the use of existing regasification terminals in order to improve the flexibility and diversification of sources of supply, as well as the safety of the gas system, with a consequently positive impact on the realignment of prices with respect to the rest of Europe. As for the potential of LNG in the maritime and heavy transport sector, the Associations believes it would be important to ensure exemption from excise duty of LNG and LPG bunkering. In relation to bio-fuels and bio-methane, Assocostieri supports the enhancement of their role within the scope of Italy’s de-carbonisation strategy.

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