1,500 methane distributors now operate in Italy

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The methane supply network in Italy involves 1,500 active distributors. Out of this total, 100 are LNG. Self-service filling stations are also growing

An important milestone for the methane distribution network in Italy, where as many as 1,500 stations are now operative. This was announced by Assogasmetano, an association that represents many of the leading companies in the transport methane supply chain operating in Italy. Traditional distributors of methane gas (CNG) are now also being joined distributors of liquid methane (LNG), today standing at around one hundred in Italy and playing a vital role for the supply of methane for heavy vehicles. The number of distributors equipped with self-service facilities is also growing.

“Achieving the milestone of 1,500 active methane distributors,” said Eng. Flavio Merigo, President of Assogasmetano, “testifies to the major importance of this ecological and economic fuel in Italy. Efforts to complete the national network continue unabated and we are now also reaching historically less well-served areas. It should also be pointed out that bio-methane already has share of about 20% of all natural gas currently distributed for transport purposes, bringing further positive benefits in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”