No outside agency is authorized to propose and receive advertising in the name of Oil&nonOil.
All promotional initiatives are directly managed by Veronafiere S.p.A. and/or its own company Piemmeti S.p.A.

It has come to our attention that the company Construct Data Verlag GmbH, with head offices in Austria, the company Expo Guide della Commercial Online Manuals S de RL de CV, with head offices in Mexico, and the company Mulpor Company SA, with head offices in Uruguay, are sending offers to many exhibiting companies for the publication of advertising on payment in their catalogues.

In these letters, the above-mentioned companies use the names of Italian and international events – including Oil&nonOil – and the companies exhibiting at these shows.

In this regard, may we point out that the above-mentioned companies have NEVER been authorised by Veronafiere to use the name and/or logo of Oil&nonOil nor the data concerning exhibiting companies, and have NEVER been engaged to procure advertising on behalf of Veronafiere.
Veronafiere has no relationship whatsoever with the activities of the above-mentioned companies.

The advertising offered by the above mentioned companies is not included in the promotional offers of Veronafiere provided in the materials which clearly indicates the data and logo of Veronafiere and Oil&nonOil.
Veronafiere has never engaged either company to procure advertising.

May we remind you that payment of the Oil&nonOil registration fee means that your Company is included without further charge in the official catalogue of the show and the list of exhibitors in the official website Any requests on your part for advertising on payment in the promotional tools of Oil&nonOil must be made exclusively using the forms issued by Veronafiere that will be available in your Exhibitor Exclusive Area.