Oil&nonOil: digitization of payments – a priority for service stations

The promotion of cashless systems and related security implications were discussed at a conference coordinated by Gilbarco Veeder-Root and Unem The change in payment methods at service stations […]

Oil&nonOil: from refuelling stations to “multi-service” centres: how the business model is changing

A conference organized by Fortech to analyse opportunities and critical aspects The new business model for service stations was the focal point of the “From service stations to […]

Oil&nonOil and Asphaltica: more than 5000 operators over three days

150 exhibitors and 250 international buyers More than 5000 qualified operators – the final figures for Oil&nonOil and Asphaltica. The shows closed yesterday after three days at Veronafiere. […]

Oil&nonOil, “Fit for 55” must be neutral: the sector demands promotion for Italy’s own resources

The “Fit for 55” package of legislative proposals adopted by the European Commission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% compared to 1990 levels by 2030 was the […]

Hydrogen: the geopolitical challenge – New scenarios in the Mediterranean for Italy

Several members of the Italian and European Parliament met today to discuss the issue of “The hydrogen challenge: geopolitics and new equilibriums” – the subject of a conference […]

Oil&nonOil: infrastructure ready for the transition provided it is not one-way towards electricity

The role of the logistics system in the energy transition and relaunching Italy within an international perspective. This was the theme of the conference “The future of logistics […]

Oil&nonOil: technologies to combat fuel fraud. The sector takes a look at blockchain

Technological innovation to combat illegal fuel trafficking: this was the topic up for discussion today at Veronafiere within the scope of the 16th Oil&nonOil event during the conference […]

Hydrogen: infrastructure is the main challenge. Development needs technology neutrality

Infrastructure and technological neutrality were the central themes of “The Italian hydrogen challenge” conference held today on the first day of the Oil&nonOil event as Veronafiere Overall, various […]

Fuels: Faib – price dynamics makes the transition more difficult

The economic crisis in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, increased energy prices and ecological transition methods are causing operators in the sector serious difficulties. Approximately 2,000 fuel […]

Opportunities & challenges of the energy transition at Oil&nonOil

Oil&nonOil is the reference exhibition for the fuel distribution and storage network and new sources of energy. For the first time, it is scheduled alongside Asphaltica, the national […]

Assogasmetano: BioGnl and Biomethane: “A perfect example of the circular economy”

Speaking at the “Biomethane and BioGnl: a solution for the climate and energy crisis” Conference organized during Oil&nonOil, the President of Assogasmetano, Flavio Merigo, highlighted the importance of […]

Oil&nonOil – the energy, fuels and mobility services exhibition opens tomorrow at Veronafiere

The 16th edition the exhibition will be attended once again in person and boasts an impressive programme of events – from NRRP opportunities, to the development of infrastructures […]

Oil&nonOil: global energy transition scenarios conclude the conference programme

The third and final day of the 2021 edition of Oil&nonOil – Friday 26 November – will see two conferences scheduled at Veronafiere that will seek to outline […]

Oil&nonOil: conferences focusing on new technologies and new infrastructures on the second day

The second day of conferences – Thursday 25 November – will see two proposals by Oil&nonOil: “The role of new technologies to safeguard fuels” and “The future of […]

RRP and hydrogen at the heart of the first day of Oil&nonOil conferences

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) and hydrogen are the themes of the two conferences organized by Oil&nonOil scheduled on the opening day of the 2021 edition, […]

Tsg: the service station of the future will be multi-energy, multi-service, digital and green

Interview with Tommaso Martelli, Head of Operation Centres of TSG Italy Tommaso Martelli, Head of Operation Centres at Tsg, the European leader in technical services for responsible mobility […]

Oil&nonOil 2021: even more registrations on the eve of the inauguration!

With less than ten days to go before the 16th Oil&nonOil at Veronafiere 24-26 November opens its doors and while final preparations are underway, companies are still registering […]

RRP: green light for funds for purchasing green means of transport

3.6 billion euros expected for subways, trolley buses and tramways and 836 million euros for regional railways Green light to funds of 3.6 billion euros in the National […]

Sustainable aviation: Vueling and Iberia focus on new fuels

The Catalan carrier has signed a series of agreements with production companies; the Spanish flag carrier inaugurated the first route flown using biofuel produced by Repsol starting from […]

Oil&nonOil 2021: final rush for registrations

With little over two weeks to go to the inauguration of the 16th Oil&nonOil event scheduled at Veronafiere 24-26 November, registrations continue to arrive For example, 3ivm Srl […]

Hydrogen mobility: Eni and Air Liquid partner to develop infrastructures

The two companies will collaborate on a feasibility and sustainability study for a network of refuelling stations in Italy Hydrogen applied to mobility continues to attract considerable interest […]

Unem: “The real challenge is to generate more renewable energy at competitive prices”

Interview with Claudio Spinaci, President of Unem – Unione Energie per la Mobilità Claudio Spinaci, President of Unione energie per la mobilità (Unem) – the association that groups […]

Oil&nonOil: companies still signing up only a few weeks from the event

The 16th edition of the energy, fuel and mobility services event is still attracting attendance registrations. Appointment in Verona 24-26 November New participants at the 16th edition of […]

Assopetroli, Assotir, Cna-Fita and Confartigianato Trasporti ask for urgent measures to combat natural gas price rises

In an open letter sent to Ministers Cingolani, Franco, Giorgetti and Giovannini, these Associations asked the government to take urgent action to combat critical issues associated with higher […]

Gilbarco Veeder-Root: current innovations will redraw the boundaries of service areas

Interview with Federico Barbati, sales director of Gilbarco Veeder-Root Federico Barbati, sales director for Italy and Cyprus, introduces us to Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s experience on the Italian market in […]

Toyota and Snam join forces to develop hydrogen mobility

The memorandum of understanding between the two companies focuses on the entire hydrogen value chain, starting with distribution and refuelling infrastructures. The long-term goal is to develop zero-emission […]

Clariant set to produce advanced bio-fuels from agricultural waste or non-food crops

The Swiss company has inaugurated plant in Romania. The CEO highlighted that production meets the principles of the circular economy Converting bales of straw into ethanol is becoming […]

Oil&nonOil: even more registrations in October!

With just under a month to go to the 16th edition of the energy, fuel and mobility services show, registrations are still coming in. Appointment in Verona 24-26 […]

Assopetroli-Assoenergia launches an appeal to make the energy transition gradual and take social impact into account

The rise in energy prices has structural causes and is the result of years of policies that have discouraged investments in the oil and gas sector. The “Carbon […]

Fintech accelerates the digitization of the automotive sector

New business models for payments and loans are emerging in the sector. Non-bank operators are intercepting demand in these segments and challenging traditional banks The automotive sector is […]

Car eco-bonus: another one hundred million euros for incentives

The fund has been refinanced and most of the resources, totalling 65 million, will be used to encourage purchases of electric and plug-in hybrid cars The Eco-bonus fund […]

Fortech: converting service stations into multi-service stations is well underway

Interview with Giovanni Santomasi, the company’s marketing manager Giovanni Santomasi, marketing manager of Fortech, the leading provider in Italy of services for fuel service stations and manufacturer of […]

HyAccelerator: Snam launches its programme for hydrogen start-ups

The Italian company is the first to begin a global initiative to accelerate development of the supply chain: the start-up companies selected will receive support for research and […]

Batteries: the automotive industry asks EU for practical standards and more flexibility

The Association of European Car Manufacturers agrees with the objectives proposed by the Commission but highlights in a report the risk of multiplying regulations which in turn could […]

Air transport: new bio-fuels to eliminate emissions

IATA has set the goal for zeroing emissions for 2050 and several projects have already begun to produce sustainable fuels Air transport and zero carbon dioxide emissions by […]

Oil&nonOil Verona 2021: more new registrations

With just over a month to go until the event, applications to attend continue to arrive: Click&Find, Elaflex Italy, Icad Sistemi, Ingenico and Transadriatico have confirmed their attendance […]

IEA: governments and companies increasingly committed to investments in hydrogen

The latest report by the International Energy Agency highlights an increase in the number countries which have drawn up strategic plans and global growth in investments: 37 billion […]

Oil&nonOil: more and more participants

The 2021 edition of Oil&nonOil scheduled at Veronafiere 24-26 November continues to achieve new and important consensus Archi.Gia Srl has been active for more than 25 years in […]

Concern in the supply chain over methane price rises

Federmetano is worried that the market situation may cause difficulties in a sector offering enormous opportunities for decarbonisation. The Independent Italian Federation of Service Stations defends operators and […]

Flavio Merigo, President of Assogasmetano: Italy is leading a strong policy in support of bio-methane

Flavio Merigo believes that bio-methane is the only effective and current alternative to fuels causing the most pollution. Zero Emission Vehicle status must be recognized for bio-methane vehicles […]

“Hydrogen Valley” objective: work in progress from Lombardy to Sicily

A constantly growing number of companies in Italy are keen to build hydrogen ecosystems in their local areas. The projects involve companies and local administrations, in line with […]

Unem: reducing transport emissions requires interplay with various technologies

The Energy and Mobility Union, during the hearing in the Chamber of Deputies, emphasized the need for effective solutions, ensuring that the sector is ready to provide them […]

E-fuels: “bridge” fuels for short-term decarbonisation

Airlines, shipping and oil companies, couriers and car manufacturers are showing a growing interest in eco-friendly synthetic fuels, which may well ensure a sustainable transition for the industrial […]

Oil&nonOil: many new exhibitors sign up even in September

Several confirmations as well as many important returns for the 2021 edition of Oil&nonOil scheduled at Veronafiere 24-26 November The list of exhibitors is joined by Green Line […]

Roberta Innocenti (Assolavaggisti) – Pandemic watershed for the sector: car washes have become strategic for protecting health

Interview with the President of the Association for the province of Pistoia and member of the national presidency The Covid-19 pandemic was a “watershed” for the car wash […]

Porsche and Siemens build e-fuel production plant in Chile

The two companies are focusing on ecological synthetic fuels. The South American country aims to become a leading exporter of green hydrogen Porsche and Siemens Energy are focusing […]

Agreement between Eni and Rome Airports for decarbonisation and aviation biofuels

The creation of “smart hubs” with sustainable fuels and services is expected in coming months Decarbonization in the aviation sector and the development of sustainable aviation fuels. These […]

Hydrogen: a developing resource for decarbonisation and storage

Various EU member countries, including Italy, have adopted strategic plans and projects are being pushed forward to create “Hydrogen valleys” and production from renewable sources The hydrogen issue […]

Maritime sector responding to decarbonisation requirements

The European Commission has also included the maritime sector in the “Fit for 55” package through the Fuel EU Maritime initiative. In recent years, the sector has developed […]

Pilat&Partners, official partner of Oil&nonOil

Pilat&Partners, a renowned company in the strategic communication and institutional relations field based in Rome, is an official partner of Oil&nonOil scheduled at Veronafiere 24-26 November 2021 This […]

Unem: fuel consumption in July returned to pre-Covid levels

Thanks to the extension of the white zone to the whole country in July, there was a recovery in the consumption of motor fuels, especially for petrol Consumption […]

Exhibitors are growing in numbers at Oil&nonOil 2021

Registrations continue to flow in for Oil&nonOil during the run-up to the 16th edition scheduled 24-26 November at Veronafiere in conjunction with Asphaltica New registrations for Oil&nonOil include […]

Oil&nonOil Verona: new registrations even during the summer break!

The summer break has by no means interrupted the flow of registrations for the 16th Oil&nonOil, scheduled 24-26 November at Veronafiere in conjunction with Asphaltica, the exhibition dedicated […]

Schermolux Illuminotecnica heading in a green direction: sustainable post-pandemic mobility

Giovanni Lucarelli, CEO of the company, talks about its commitment to developing a specific division and new products A division specifically dedicated to sustainable mobility and the desire […]

European Commission: new zero-emission cars from 2035

The proposal is part of a package of measures embracing climate, energy, land use, transport and taxation All new cars registered as of 2035 must ensure zero emissions. […]

Ecobonus in Italy: bookings for buying ‘green’ cars now open

A fund of 350 million euros has been set aside and contributions vary based on scrapping the old vehicle and its emissions The new incentives for buying ecological […]

Oil&nonOil Verona 2021: attendance list growing by the day

Registrations continue to flow in for Oil&nonOil during the run-up to the 16th edition scheduled 24-26 November at Veronafiere in conjunction with Asphaltica, the exhibition of technologies and […]

Intermodal systems as a tool for a green transition: proposals by ALIS

The Association calls on the transport sector to tackle the sustainability challenge and urges the government to make Marebonus and Ferrobonus incentives structural and also introduce measures to […]

Snam inaugurates its first natural gas and bio-methane self-service station in Verona

There are now 1500 service stations for gas vehicles in Italy The first compressed natural gas (CNG) and bio-methane (Bio-CNG) self-service station inaugurated by Snam4Mobility, the Snam subsidiary […]

Unem: the energy transition must be managed to avoid repercussions on the production system

During the AGM, President Claudio Spinaci noted that fossil fuels still dominate growth in demand and expressed concern over a debate focusing only on the electrification of consumption […]

EU vehicle standards: the renewable fuel sector calls for a more inclusive approach

In an open letter, 12 associations highlight the principle of technological neutrality and the risk of leaving a part of Europe behind The European Union should recognize “the […]

Natural gas: initiative to reduce vehicle conversion costs

The project is the outcome of collaboration between Assogasmetano and Ecomotive Solutions. It proposes kits for updating the most obsolete fleets and solutions for hybrids to replace traditional […]

Oil&nonOil Verona 2021: even more registrations

Registrations continue to flow in for Oil&nonOil during the run-up to the 16th edition scheduled 24-26 November at Veronafiere in conjunction with Asphaltica, the exhibition of technologies and […]

Oil&nonOil Verona 2021: growing attendance

Companies focusing on the 16th edition of Oil&nonOil are now joined by Change Italia, Emme Informatica, I Bilanciai Srl and Gruppo Gavio with G&A, iOne Solutions and PCA […]

1,500 methane distributors now operate in Italy

The methane supply network in Italy involves 1,500 active distributors. Out of this total, 100 are LNG. Self-service filling stations are also growing An important milestone for the […]

Oil&nonOil Verona 2021: registrations now open…

Confirmations and new entries among exhibitors signing up for the 2021 edition. Isoil Impianti, Lpg Group, MASER, Schermolux Illuminotecnica, Austrian company Security & Electronic Technologies and Silea Liquid […]

Methane and bio-methane: Italian excellence

During the webinar, associations representing the entire methane/biomethane automotive supply chain in Italy signed the Position Paper with proposals aimed at Institutions for the development of vehicles and […]

Asphaltica and Oil&nonOil team up 24-26 November 2021

“Smart roads to the future” – For the first time, Veronafiere brings together the entire supply chain dedicated to the world of roads A new exhibition event dedicated […]

Veronafiere resumes business in complete safety: Oil&nonOil closes today after three days

1,800 operators attended the event through physical attendance at the stands and online links to webinars The 15th Oil&nonOil exhibition dedicated to energy, fuel and mobility services organized […]

Oil&nonOil: the exhibition dedicated to energy, fuels and mobility services opens tomorrow at Veronafiere

The 15th edition will see a formula integrating the attended exhibition involving more than 60 companies with a programme of online conferences. Event safety is assured by the […]

Oil&nonOil, 21-23 October – The fuels chain comes together in Verona

First attended show at Veronafiere after the lockdown. The safety of exhibitors and operators is assured by the new #safebusiness protocol The countdown for Oil&nonOil at Veronafiere has […]

Oil&nonOil Verona 2020: the catalogue is ready!

The framework for the coming edition of the event (21-23 October) has by now been defined. Attendance applications continued to arrive until the last minute The industrial cleaning […]

Unione Petrolifera takes up the de-carbonisation challenge and becomes Unione Energie per la Mobilità

The change in name, after 70 years of history, reflects the new reality of associate member companies and their focus on environmental issues, low carbon fuels, innovation and […]

Merigo, Assogasmetano: “Identifying different technological solutions is vital” in order to bring the fleet of vehicles in circulation up to date

President Merigo hopes for a realistic approach to alternative sources of power to ensure benefits in economic and environmental terms alike and highlights the strategic contribution that bio-methane […]

Oil&nonOil Verona 2020: new registrations continue to arrive

With just two weeks to go before the event opens, requests to take part continue to arrive. The 15th edition of Oil&nonOil (21-23 October) is also the first […]

A challenging Autumn for the fuel sector

Operator federations suggest that the next few months will be decisive as regards tackling issues such as rationalisation of the network, the fight against illegality, digitalisation, the green […]

Rome: the first service station in the world paved with graphene enhanced asphalt

The paving contains the Gipave additive developed by Iterchimica. This 100% Italian technology was developed to improve performance in terms of resilience, durability and sustainability, at the same […]

Arzà, Assogasliquidi-Federchimica: LPG and LNG have all the credentials for incentives focusing on sustainability

The proposals put forward by the association include incentives for conversion of Euro 4 and Euro 5 petrol vehicles to gas and the construction of supply infrastructures   […]

Oil&nonOil Verona 2020: attendance list getting longer by the day

As the 15th edition of the event, scheduled 21-23 October, draws closer, Veronafiere has strengthened prevention measures for the first attended exhibition organised after the lockdown while more […]

Landi, President of Faib: “Combat illegality and rationalise the network” to emerge from the crisis

The President of the distributors’ association proposes a series of priority interventions to revive the sector and provide consumers with a more modern service   Interview with MARTINO […]

Antonio Fazio, Schermolux Illuminotecnica: “We are focusing on the eco-green world”

Orders have resumed in the post lockdown period but customers are asking for lower costs. The company responds with new products   Interview with ANTONIO FAZIO, Joint Director […]

Oil&nonOil Verona 2020: registrations still flowing in!

Preparations are underway for the fifteenth edition of Oil&nonOil scheduled 21-23 October at Veronafiere and the completion of the catalogue In the meantime, other names have joined the […]

European Mobility Week: 80 Italian cities and hundreds of “zero emissions” initiatives

The 2020 edition dedicated to carbon neutrality was held over the last few days. The event also focused on the lessons learned from the lockdown in order to […]

Balboni, President of Federmetano: “The sector has all the potential to overcome this emergency”

The president of the association believes that natural gas as a fuel for motor vehicles is an immediate and effective response to demands for ecologically and economically sustainable […]

Micaela Sebastiani, Transadriatico: “Infrastructure and digitisation processes must be developed”

In the wake of the acute phase of the health emergency, the logistics and transport sector now has to cope with higher safety costs and stricter operating procedures […]

Oil consumption: recovery in August linked to domestic tourism

The downturn on an annual basis last month was -11.2%, compared to -13.9% in July. Motor vehicle fuels posted -4.6%. Unione Petrolifera foresees another, albeit more contained decline […]

Fuels: 983 violations ascertained in 2019

The figure emerged in the latest “Blue Book” published by the Italian Customs and Monopoly Agency. The report also highlights an increase in excise tax revenue for energy […]

Oil&nonOil Verona 2020: full steam ahead for registrations

The catalogue for the 15th edition of Oil&nonOil, scheduled 21-23 October at Veronafiere, is now being finalised after having confirmed the dates and upgraded prevention procedures: the first […]

Motor vehicles: encouraging signs from registrations in August

Last month saw a substantial break-even compared to the same period 2019. Federauto and Unrae highlight a positive market reaction to state contributions but hope for a review […]

Alis: transport and sustainable tourism for the restart

Alis – the Sustainable Intermodal Logistics Association – represents more than 1,500 companies and urges that “Italy in motion” must be placed at the heart of the political […]

Zavalloni, secretary general of Fegica: “Prospects are uncertain. The network must be rationalised”

After a fall in sales of 85-90%, the sector now has to cope with a recovery affected by a whole series of conditions, especially the closure of schools […]

Oil&nonOil Verona 2020: many registrations even in August!

The summer break did not by any means slow down the flow of registrations for the fifteenth edition of Oil&nonOil, scheduled at Veronafiere 21-23 October: a great many […]

Costamagna, President of Federlavaggi: “The sector has restarted with good results compared to forecasts”

All our associates have resumed operations at full capacity. Incentives for purchases could help encourage higher demand and 2021 may well prove to be a good year   […]

Veronafiere: safe restart in October with the 15th edition of Oil&nonOil

Confident response from the market: a great many exhibition spaces have already been confirmed. The safe business protocol will be implemented during the show to protect companies and […]

Assocostieri passes the milestone of one hundred associates

The energy logistics association achieves an important result in a particularly difficult year. Simplification, cash flow and energy transition at the heart of its efforts   Interview with […]

Oil&nonOil registrations: attendance figures on the up

Alkom Autocisterne, Assytech, CashPos, Co.Me.Ca., Ham Italy, Intrapresa, Sialtech, Sol and Walter Tosto are among the new names joining the list in recent days The flow of registrations […]

Gallitelli, Secretary General of Assopetroli: “Investments are frozen and simplification is urgently needed”

The entire sector has posted significant signs of recession but no specific measures have been introduced. Petrol and diesel for the automotive sector have suffered the worst losses […]

Emporium: neighbourhood shops in Eni service stations

60 stores will be opened by the first week of August. For FAIB, this initiative takes the desired direction of converting service stations into multi-service centres capable of […]

Oil&nonOil registrations: last week for discounted rates

The list of participants is growing daily: I Bilanciai, Emme Retail, Metalscreen, Motorsistem, Schermolux Illuminotecnica, Union Gas Metano and Visual are among the latest companies to sign up […]

Giuseppe Sperduto, President of Assolavaggisti: “The sector has restarted but very slowly”

The combined challenge for the car wash sector comes from the economic consequences of the epidemic on top of pre-existing problems, especially competition from informal operators that is […]

Oil&nonOil Verona 2020 registrations: attendance growing

Brin Company, Emme Informatica, Fortech, Isoil Impianti, Maser and Sapio are among the companies placing their trust in Oil&nonOil. There is time until 31 July to register at […]

Oil&nonOil 2020 open for registration – discount rates until 31 July

Confirmations and new entries among the first exhibitors signing up for the 2020 edition. Tecnocryo, Agla Elettronica, AmSpec Italy, Archigia, Vanzetti Engineering, Tecnogas, Elaflex Italy and Icad Sistemi […]

Circular gas: Eni and NextChem studying plant in Taranto, Italy

The project could well lead to the production of syngas from plastics and secondary solid fuel derived from waste, thereby making a contribution to de-carbonisation and the socio-economic […]

Sanitization: the challenge for vehicles amidst uncertainties and new solutions

The Covid 19 emergency has seen sanitization of environments become a priority to prevent the virus spreading. It was introduced by law and became mandatory for shared work […]

Veronafiere reschedules Oil&nonOil from 21 to 23 October 2020

New dates for Oil&nonOil, the trade fair organized by Veronafiere dedicated to energy, fuels and mobility services, which moves ahead of one day on the calendar. It will […]