RRP and hydrogen at the heart of the first day of Oil&nonOil conferences

 In EXHIBITION, Oil&nonOil 2021 Verona

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) and hydrogen are the themes of the two conferences organized by Oil&nonOil scheduled on the opening day of the 2021 edition, Wednesday 24 November

“PNRR: Italy between energy and sustainable mobility” is the first conference scheduled in the morning session (11.30-14.30). Moderated by Riccardo Pilat, founder of Pilat & Partners, representatives of industry associations and institutions will present reports. Figures from the association world include Diamante Menale (Assocostieri), Flavio Merigo (Assogasmetano), Sebastiano Gallitelli (Assopetroli-Assoenergia), Silvia Migliorini (Federchimica-Assogasliquidi), Dante Natali (Federmetano), Marina Barbanti (Unione energie per la mobilità), as well as Davide Tassi (ENAV executive and member of the Csr Manager Network). The Ministry of Economic Development will be represented by the Deputy Minister Alessandra Todde and the Presidency of the Council by the Director General for European Affairs, Francesco Tufarelli. The event will also be attended by Senators Paolo Arrigoni (Territory, Environment, Environmental Assets Commission) and Tatjana Rojc (Foreign Affairs and Emigration Commission), and MP Guido Germano Pettarin (Budget, Treasury and Planning Commission).

Energy, mobility and innovation are the three key words in the recovery and resilience plans of all the countries of the European Union, including Italy, and are also the focal point of the conference. These key issues are bound together by the infrastructure question, which is also crucial in relation to the objectives of the “Fit for 55” package adopted by the European Commission containing a series of legislative proposals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% compared to 1990 by 2030, and then achieve “Carbon neutrality” in 2050.
This commitment to decarbonization involves the transport sector in its entirety and requires the creation of a supply network on a national scale for innovative power supplies, such as LNG and bio-LNG. In a market where 80% of demand is still met by fossil fuels, the commitment for zero emissions also requires – and here the conference aims to stimulate discussion and put forward its own contribution – an overall and effective political vision based on the principle of technological neutrality, complementary supply chains and a credible road map.

The second conference – “The Italian hydrogen challenge” is scheduled for the afternoon session (15:00-18:00). It will be attended by Franco Del Manso (Unione energies per la mobilità), Gianpiero Ruggiero (National Research Council) and parliamentarians Maria Alessandra Gallone (Senate Environment Commission) and Giuseppe Chiazzese (Parliament Transport, Post and Communications Commission).
Hydrogen is a great opportunity especially for high energy consumption sectors such as transport, home heating and industrial applications. Promoting production and local use of this resource by creating so-called “Hydrogen valleys” is one of the objectives of the PNRR. Funds of half a billion euros have been made available for this operation. The conference will investigate the feasibility of this process and the measures needed to stimulate innovation in value chains, scale economies and the installation of infrastructures.