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Oil&nonOil Verona 2020: the catalogue has by now been defined

Oil&nonOil Verona 2020: the catalogue is ready!

 In EXHIBITION, Oil&nonOil 2020 Verona

The framework for the coming edition of the event (21-23 October) has by now been defined. Attendance applications continued to arrive until the last minute

The industrial cleaning specialist IdroEletrika joined the group of exhibitors. The company based in Negrar (Verona) was founded by Valerio Zantedeschi and has operated under this name on Italian and international markets since 2006, while boasting long-term prior experience in the sector. Products include a broad, patented range of ecological water cleaning systems and ecological steam generators, with applications including engineering and food industries, large-scale distribution, tourism and even restoration. The technological solutions developed meet the needs of hygiene, sanitation, disinfection and environmental questions such as lower use of resources, impact on human health and the deterioration of ecosystems.

The list was also joined by Molgas Energia Italy, a division of Spanish company Molgas Energia, which has supplied LNG (liquefied natural gas) for industrial users, co-generation, automotive and maritime transport for twenty years. The Italian branch has its headquarters in Candia Canavese (Turin); the filling bases are in Spain, France and Belgium. Customers largely comprise companies that are unable to obtain methane gas via pipelines looking for an economic, safe and sustainable alternative. Molgas handles the entire process, from the design of LNG plant through to installation and testing.

Lastly, Società Generale Impianti Gas (SGIG) was founded in 1962 and for more than fifty years has designed and built facilities for storage, processing and distribution of various kinds of petroleum-based product. The company has its operational headquarters in Fidenza (Parma) and provides EPC (Energy Performance Contract) and project management services; manufactures a wide range of products, from loading arms to motors, control panels and valves; handles procurement of materials for the entire oil sector; provides maintenance and is equipped with a metrology laboratory.

Companies that have already registered include: Adv Spazio, Agla Elettronica, Alkom Autocisterne (Tankers), AmSpec Italy, Assytech, B&G Gas, Bernardini (BRN), Brin Company, CashPos, Centro Stampa e Media, Change Italia, Click&Find, Co.Me.Ca., Costantin, Cubogas, Edison Energia, Emiliana Serbatoi, Emme Informatica, Emme Retail, Endelbyte, Fortech, Gavio Group with G&A, iOne Solutions, OMT and PCA, Ham Italy, I Bilanciai, Icad Sistemi, IMA Servizi, Isoil Impianti, Maser, Metalscreen, Motorsistem, MyLiteLed, Normec, Oil & Gas Service, Piusi, Polargas, Righetto Serbatoi, Rivista Italiana Petrolio, Sacim, Safe, Sapio, Schermolux Illuminotecnica, Serbatoi Cemin Eurotank, Sialtech, Silea Liquid Transfer, Snam4Mobility, Sol, Tecnocryo, Tecnogas, Transadriatico, Union Gas Metano, Vanzetti Engineering, Visual and Walter Tosto which have been profiled in previous articles (see all here).

As the exhibition draws near, Veronafiere has strengthened its prevention procedures by adopting the “Safebusiness” protocol, agreed and validated by institutions, health authorities and the Italian Association of Exhibition Centres and Trade Fairs (Aefi).

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