Oil&nonOil Verona 2020: registrations still flowing in!

 In EXHIBITION, Oil&nonOil 2020 Verona

Preparations are underway for the fifteenth edition of Oil&nonOil scheduled 21-23 October at Veronafiere and the completion of the catalogue

In the meantime, other names have joined the already impressive list of participants. This is the case, for example, of Bernardini (BRN), an historic company based in Faenza (Ravenna). BRN joined the Cedem group in 2012 and designs refuelling systems, providing full support throughout their entire life cycle through technical assistance and emergency services as well as routine and special maintenance. The Faenza-based company boasts forty years of experience in LPG refuelling stations, with almost 2,000 sites built and/or renovated in Italy. It also designs methane refuelling stations and systems for internal fleets and has developed and implemented two technical solutions for upgrading refuelling stations with LNG: plant for liquid methane syphoned from the tank followed by regasification and plant for liquid methane syphoned from the tank and delivered in liquid form.

Fornovo Gas is also based in Emilia Romagna (Traversetolo, Parma) and is another company with a long history going back more than 50 years. Its business operations have progressively expanded and evolved: from management of service stations supplying vehicles running on methane to distribution of methane gas through tanker and cylinder trucks and the production of its own line of compressors and solutions for methane gas. Fornovo has installed over 1,500 compressors all over the world since 2004. Its systems are used in bio-gas and bio-methane production plant, industry, transport, storage and distribution of compressed natural gas (CNG). After-sales services ensure technical back-up for all products.

Safe is another company based in the Emilia region (San Giovanni in Persiceto, Bologna). It designs and builds several kinds of CNG stations (methane pipeline, off-network and industrial stations); upstream, midstream and distribution Oil & Gas plant; bio-methane production and distribution solutions. Its broad range of products includes compressors, dispensers, dryers, storage systems and measurement and reduction cabins. It boasts more than 3,000 compressors installed worldwide in almost 40 years of operations. The main services include installation and start-up of CNG stations, plant maintenance courses, supply of spare parts, help desk, updating of systems, remote control and remote diagnostics.

Other companies that have already signed up include Adv Spazio, Agla Elettronica, Alkom Autocisterne (Tankers), AmSpec Italy, Archigia, Assytech, Brin Company, CashPos, Centro Stampa e Media, Co.Me.Ca., Cubogas, Elaflex Italy, Emme Informatica, Emme Retail, Endelbyte, Fortech, Gavio Group with G&A, iOne Solutions, OMT and PCA, Ham Italy, I Bilanciai, Icad Sistemi, IMA Servizi, Intrapresa, Isoil Impianti, Maser, Metalscreen, Motorsistem, MyLiteLed, Normec, Piusi, Rivista Italiana Petrolio, Sacim, Sapio, Schermolux Illuminotecnica, Serbatoi Cemin Eurotank, Sialtech, Silea Liquid Transfer, Sol, Tecnocryo, Tecnogas, Transadriatico, Union Gas Metano, Vanzetti Engineering, Visual and Walter Tosto and have been profiled in previous articles (see all here).

This exhibition is the first physically attended event organised at the Veronafiere Exhibition Centre after the lockdown period imposed by the coronavirus epidemic and prevention procedures have consequently been strengthened: entrances, show halls and external areas have been redesigned in the light of the new “Safe Business” protocol agreed and validated by institutions, health authorities and AEFI, the Italian Association of Exhibition Centres and Trade Fairs.