Oil&nonOil Verona 2020: new registrations continue to arrive

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With just two weeks to go before the event opens, requests to take part continue to arrive. The 15th edition of Oil&nonOil (21-23 October) is also the first attended event organised by Veronafiere after the lockdown: prevention measures will be upgraded in line with the “Safebusiness” protocol, agreed and validated by institutions, health authorities and the Italian Exhibition and Trade Fair Association (Aefi). This is another reason why several companies became convinced recently to join the already large group of exhibitors

Click&Find, founded in Genoa in 2004, is a leader in the remote monitoring of fuel distribution tankers in Italy: the company designs and manufactures on-board electronic remote control systems, complete with installation and maintenance, as well as IT based on the information detected. Clients include companies in transport and oil sectors. Data received from tankers and trucks – volume, temperature, speed and many other parameters – help, among other things, improve fleet management, driving safety and theft prevention.

LTA Serbatoi is based in Apricena (Foggia). The company builds tanks and cisterns with single or double walls for above ground or underground installation to contain fuels, LPG, spent oils and water. The company was founded in 2011 through the acquisition of FASerbatoi, followed in turn by Coop Serbatoi, and boasts a fully in-house production cycle: design, sheet metal cutting, calendering, welding, testing, painting and shipping. Standard and custom-made products are produced in its large premises.

Oil & Gas Service provides a broad range of services for filling stations: design, construction and renovation of plant installations, supervision and management of stations without specific personnel, maintenance, emergency response and periodic verification of fuel dispensers, reclamation and disposal. In particular, the company provides tools and skills for building new-generation plant and can also operate on stations with high-performance and low environmental impact fuels. The company is based in Bolzano Vicentino (VI) and stands as a single, global supplier for service areas.

Polargas, on the other hand, is the first Italian company founded to supply LNG throughout Italy by means of tanker transport. The Modena-based company designs, builds and installs cryogenic systems for automotive, industrial and civil applications; product transport and delivery; vehicle refuelling and heavy-duty transport; supplies for ferries and tugs running on liquid methane; promotes the spread of methane as a fuel for electricity, co-generation and tri-generation power plant.

White is a young company with a factory in Carbonera, near Treviso; it is already well-known for having patented UFO – the only self-installing, mist-generator anti-theft device. UFO has three plug and play models and can be managed via remote control or a mobile phone application, and is much more than just an alarm system: if its sensor detects any movement, not only does this trigger a siren but also emits a thick mist to block attempted theft. The mist is based on alcohol and food-grade glycol; it is certified and non-toxic for people and animals and harmless for objects.

24 Lab is based in Maddaloni (Caserta). It designs, builds and installs illuminated signs and boasts twenty years of experience in fuel system re-branding. The company’s product catalogue includes totem poles, flag poles and signs, price list displays and desks. Services range from designing logos to setting up overhead shelters, construction of kiosks and prefabricated buildings and even ventilated façades.

Companies that have already registered include: Adv Spazio, Agla Elettronica, Alkom Autocisterne (Tankers), AmSpec Italy, Assytech, B&G Gas, Bernardini (BRN), Brin Company, CashPos, Centro Stampa e Media, Change Italia, Co.Me.Ca., Costantin, Cubogas, Edison Energia, Emiliana Serbatoi, Emme Informatica, Emme Retail, Endelbyte, Fortech, Gavio Group with G&A, iOne Solutions, OMT and PCA, Ham Italy, I Bilanciai, Icad Sistemi, IMA Servizi, Isoil Impianti, Maser, Metalscreen, Motorsistem, MyLiteLed, Normec, Piusi, Righetto Serbatoio, Rivista Italiana Petrolio, Sacim, Safe, Sapio, Schermolux Illuminotecnica, Serbatoi Cemin Eurotank, Sialtech, Silea Liquid Transfer, Snam4Mobility, Sol, Tecnocryo, Tecnogas, Transadriatico, Union Gas Metano, Vanzetti Engineering, Visual and Walter Tosto which have been profiled in previous articles (see all here).