Oil&nonOil: the business opportunities for service station customer cards

 In EXHIBITION, Oil&nonOil 2021 Verona

Cards for managing payments and promotions are increasingly popular: Fortech and Shell shared their experiences in offering these services as part of the conference program of the latest edition of the event

The impact of service station customer cards on sales in the fuel network and the partnership between Fortech and Shell to encourage acceptance of the Euroshell card were the two focal themes for the conference “Private and international service station customer cards: opportunities and business” at Veronafiere on the first day of the 16th edition of Oil&nonOil.

Fortech’s project manager, Luca Banci, opened the session by presenting two specific services for managing the service station customer cards offered by the company: Cards 2.0 and Cards Gateway“Services that help you manage all customers, vehicles and drivers in a network”. Banci then outlined the main payment solutions – implemented by means of private service station customer cards, mobile phone apps, international service station cards or loyalty cards – which “allow customers to join promotional campaigns”.
Thanks to the Cards 2.0 platform, “it is possible to generate and manage the branded cards our clients use”, Banci pointed out. The portal allows prepaid and post-paid cards to be created, as well as management of personalized discount cards, immediate discounts at the dispenser, real time report display, electronic invoicing at the end of the month and management of netting, i.e. the acceptance of cards on third party systems.
This mobile application “is the tool we are focusing most of our developments. The Fortech app helps assist customer during refuelling operations and allows them to take advantage of any promotions that can be communicated easily on smartphones,” Banci explained. It is possible to pay for fuel supplies directly through the app, create customized apps, reload credit directly from the app, as well as dedicated promotional campaigns, payment summaries the credit/debit status and identify points of sale within the circuit thanks to the “station finder”.

Banci then described loyalty cards which allow “management of discounts, customizable promotions and point-collection campaigns”. He then focused on the Cards 2.0 Netting service, which allows the accounting flows generated by contracts between the operator and the network operator and between the network operator and the customer card provider to be managed in complete autonomy.

Lastly, he illustrated the service that Fortech has generated to manage and accept international service station customer cards: Cards Gateway. Fortech’s equipment is enabled to accept of the main international service station cards”, Banci pointed out, explaining that these cards can be accepted in served modes thanks to Eft-POS, and self-service modes thanks to the forecourt terminal. Cards Gateway “is a cloud service which generates a host-to-host contact with international card providers, i.e. a direct contact,” he explained.

Karl Orasch, Global fleet solutions licence and manager at Shell Card, spoke about the acceptance of Shell cards through Fortech: “We focused on three points: security, speed and costs. The company has applied the security standards required by Shell for its payment terminals. Fortech has adapted its software to read our chips,” he specified. In terms of speed, Fortech provides its customers with a plug & play solution for accepting Shell cards on all Fortech POS. “The cost of accepting Shell cards are actually much lower than by going directly through Shell,” Orasch concluded.