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Oil&nonOil registrations: attendance figures on the up

Oil&nonOil registrations: attendance figures on the up

 In EXHIBITION, Oil&nonOil 2020 Verona

Alkom Autocisterne, Assytech, CashPos, Co.Me.Ca., Ham Italy, Intrapresa, Sialtech, Sol and Walter Tosto are among the new names joining the list in recent days

The flow of registrations for Oil&nonOil continues during the run-up to the fifteenth edition scheduled 21-23 October at Veronafiere. Many companies have taken advantage of discounted rates by registering before 31 July.

Alkom Autocisterne (Tankers), already a guest at the event, is among the names that signed up over the last few days. The company based in Montebello Vicentino (Vicenza) designs, builds and configures tank trucks, as well as handling sales of second-owner multi-brand tractors, trailers and semi-trailers. Alkom also offers its customers a repair workshop and a large spare parts warehouse. The offering is completed by a telephone technical assistance and consultancy service.

Assytech is also returning to Oil&NonOil. The company specialises in the design and construction of fuel dispensers and refuelling management equipment. The company based in Talamona (Sondrio) comes forward as a partner capable of providing a variety of products and services, from fuel dispensers to forecourt management and automation. The range of supplies includes distributors, AdBlue and fluid storage and delivery systems, columns for charging electric vehicles, transponder detection systems for delivery units, integrated systems for monitoring tanks, spare parts and technical assistance, and verification of measurement instruments.

CashPos is another welcome return. The company offers hardware and software solutions for automation in the retail sector, with special reference to tobacconists and foods. The company based in Reggio Emilia offers sales management solutions for all kinds of item, automatic logistics management of orders, automatic updating of tobacco prices, warehouse and order management, as well as self-service management. Components include automatic cashiers, automatic warehouses, kiosk totems and management software. CashPos is a partner of Glory for automatic payment systems, Gm Global Solution for management of tobacco products and Passepartout for software solutions.

On the other hand, Co.Me.Ca. based in Pioraco (Macerata), operates in natural gas, LPG and industrial plant sectors. In particular, it builds first and second jump natural gas reduction and measurement cabins for civil and industrial applications, supplied from pipelines or cylinder trucks; LNG stations based on Vanzetti Engineering technology and automotive gas compression stations. In addition, the company produces natural gas filters and dryers. These items are also joined by fire-fighting plant, co-generation systems with natural gas engines, industrial electrical systems and maintenance services.

Liquefied natural gas systems are also a specialisation of Ham Italy, based in Faenza (Ravenna), which was also among exhibitors at the last edition. Company operations range from design to construction and maintenance of three main system categories: automotive applications of compressed re-gassed form for refuelling vehicles such as cars and buses; automotive applications in liquid form for refuelling industrial vehicles such as freight trucks or buses; civil applications in re-gassed form to supply industries or co-generation.

Intrapresa, on the other hand, it is an IT company based in Ragusa (Sicily) with a range embracing software, complex IT systems and application platforms. The company also attended Oil&nonOil in 2019. It offers solutions for the management of payment cards and loyalty programmes, electronic invoicing, IT management of excise duties, e-commerce and digital transformation, as well as mobile phone applications. Among its products, Stationway is a management tool for refuelling stations, and Nrg Deposito is an app for depot management. Intrapresa is also a partner of Federmetano in the development of the GuidaEco circuit.

Sialtech (Italian Society of Lubricant Additives & Technology) was founded created in Santa Maria di Sala (Venice) by the Pascoli Group. It produces and distributes chemical products. The production range includes additives, detergents, antifreeze, blending oils and biocides for fuels. The company also has product lines with a custom label. It is also a distributor of Ardeca, Mecatech and Wynn’s.

The Monza-based Sol company is another confirmation at the trade fair and is the leader in Italy for the production and marketing of technical, industrial, pure, special and medicinal gases. Sol provides gas, equipment, technologies and specific applications for operators in the oil & gas sector. The offering especially includes gas for extraction, refining and pipeline transport activities; inerting, fast cooling and drying services. In addition, the company is active in the energy and environment sector with industrial and civil waste treatment and disposal technologies.

Chieti-based Walter Tosto will also be among participants, as it was last year, presenting the critical components it designs and manufactures for processing industries, especially those in chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas and energy sectors. The company ensures a technological excellence in the manufacture of pressurised vessels. Its products include numerous types of reactor, converter, boiler and condenser for the production of fertilizers, chemical and petrochemical plant, nuclear plant and power plants.

Companies already registered beforehand include Agla Elettronica, AmSpec Italy, Archigia, Brin Company, Elaflex Italy, Emme Informatica, Emme Retail, Fortech, I Bilanciai, Icad Sistemi, Isoil Impianti, Maser, Metalscreen, Motorsistem, Sapio, Schermolux Illuminotecnica, Tecnocryo, Tecnogas, Union Gas Metano, Vanzetti Engineering and Visual (see the related articles here).

Registration for Oil&nonOil will close on 10 September 2020.

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