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Oil&nonOil: many new exhibitors sign up even in September

Oil&nonOil: many new exhibitors sign up even in September

 In EXHIBITION, Oil&nonOil 2021 Verona

Several confirmations as well as many important returns for the 2021 edition of Oil&nonOil scheduled at Veronafiere 24-26 November

The list of exhibitors is joined by Green Line Srl, a Rimini-based company specializing in the development and marketing of innovative products and technologies for fuel distribution systems.
Over the years, Green Line has stood out through its proposals and solutions in response to effective problems on the reference market.
The company offers its customers a broad range of products, including a complete system of pipes, fittings and accessories for transporting fuels called “SmartFlex”, wells and tanks in high density polyethylene, manhole covers manufactured using a patented innovative production process, leak detection systems for suction systems or with a submersible pump to ensure correct monitoring of tanks and/or pipes, a range of separators for waste water treatment, as well as level probes suitable for all types of fuel.
The company has now extended its product portfolio to include an equally impressive offering of cutting-edge services for tank volume and recalibration operations.

SAFE&CEC Srl manufactures customized integrated compression systems for use with natural gas, providing solutions applicable to the entire natural gas and biomethane value chain.
Founded in 1975, the company based in San Giovanni in Persiceto (Bologna) is a key player worldwide in the construction of compressed natural gas (CNG) stations for the automotive market, putting forward various solutions depending on the specifications requested by customers.
SAFE set up its biogas division in 2009. It provides highly customized, turnkey solutions for small-scale biomethane generation systems and/or grid injection plants, designed and built to meet the needs of different markets such as automotive, domestic and industrial use, as well as network distribution of biomethane.
Yet the company’s DNA also includes implementation of new technologies for the energy transition. Inasmuch, in 2012 SAFE became part of the LandiRenzo Group (which since 2017 also boasts synergy with US company Clean Energy Fuels in the compressor sector) and, together, they are preparing to launch hydrogen-related technologies on the market as the future energy vector with zero emissions.

Serbatoi Primiero Eurotank based in Transacqua (Trento) returns to Oil&NonOil. This cooperative company was founded in 1946 as a forge named “Officine Cemin” and is now a leader in the production of tanks, including customized versions meeting the specific requirements of customers: double-walled tanks (both underground and above ground), single-walled and fire-fighting tanks built using top quality material in carbon steel or stainless steel, tanks and structures made ‘to measure’ based on drawings or specifications provided by designers (e.g. avio or AdBlue diesel tanks), tanks for storage and supply of pellet or biomass boilers, transportable fuel tanks type-approved or compliant with ADR regulations, wells and manhole covers for every context in drive-over and green and/or walk-over areas, type-approved mobile above ground tanks, as well as dispenser systems and accessories for fuels, oils and AdBlue, metal structure work and sandblasting services.

New entries at this edition also include the TCL Group. The company was founded in 1966 in Lucca and specializes in electronic construction – from design to assembly, in-house and on behalf of third parties – in various sectors (nautical, automation industry, petroleum and petrochemical sectors, product automation, creation of full custom products). The company provides a highly personalized service focused entirely on the needs of its customers.
TCL Group designs circuits, applications and electronic products, develops dedicated firmware and manufactures electronic boards, based on customer specifications, using SMD and PTH technology for prototyping and any production volume.
Every project is designed and built entirely in Italy. All the more, the company provides support to its customers for the certification of their products by providing, both in-house and in collaboration with qualified laboratories, electromagnetic compatibility tests, electrical and environmental safety tests for electrical and electronic equipment for civil, industrial and medical applications, in accordance with the most common European Directives and compliance with international standards.

Oil&nonOil 2021 also welcomes back TSG Italia Srl, part of the TSG Group. The company is based in Asti and has specialized for over thirty years in turnkey design for energy distribution.
The company structure is based in seven business units:
• TSG Retail (which made the brand famous) is the division dedicated to the supply, installation and subsequent maintenance of the range of products for the distribution of classic Tokheim brand fuels;
• TSG Fleet specializes in the supply, installation and maintenance of products and services for the commercial fleet sector;
• TSG Charge. This business unit focuses on electric mobility, working actively to expand the infrastructure for charging electric vehicles. Specialist TSG specialized personnel with international experience provide a turnkey service to clients keen to invest in the new electric mobility market;
• TSG Wash is the section dedicated to the world of car washing and offers a complete ‘turnkey’ service with Kärcher brand products;
• TSG Systems is the division specializing in the supply of an integrated range of technologically advanced solutions for payment and management of depot operations;
• TSG Gas deals with ‘turnkey’ design of LPG, LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) plant for retail or commercial vehicle fleets;
• TSG Technics targets the supply and installation of equipment connected to energy distribution (plant lighting, refrigeration, management of green areas, etc.).
TSG boasts over thirty years of experience in the turnkey design of service stations, thereby ranking as a landmark partner in the sector. Thanks to six offices throughout Italy, TSG ensures a capillary presence ensuring a top quality and rapid service.

Oil&nonOil will also be attended by WashTec Srl. With over 40,000 car wash systems operating worldwide, it is the undisputed leading supplier of innovative solutions for the sector.
The WashTec Group is based in in Augsburg (Germany) and was founded in 2000 following the merger between California Kleindienst and Wesumat AG. Today it operates in more than 80 countries and has a capillary assistance network, with over 600 of its own technicians in Europe and 300 through commercial partners. The Italian headquarters of the company is in Casale Monferrato (Alessandria).
WashTec offers car wash systems to meet any need and requirement: from gantry to tunnel and self-service car washing systems to systems for industrial vehicles (e.g. trucks).
Alongside production of plant, the company also offers a broad range of accessories (including vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaning devices, mist sprayers, waste baskets) but also waste water treatment systems through solutions enabling waste water produced in certain washing stages to be reused. The company also offers user-friendly payment and control terminals, as well as digital solutions facilitating the management of car wash businesses.
Thanks to the synergy of the systems equipped with patented SofTecs brushes and AUWA detergent products, a manufacturer of chemical products belonging to the WashTec Group, the final customer is assured optimal cleaning and polishing results.
The most recent WashTec innovations for the car wash industry include the MultiFlex system for gantry washing systems, that allows the vertical brushes to be slanted towards the rear of the vehicle, and the SelfTecs concept, designed for washing systems in self-service bays, which allows washing and polishing to be carried out in a single program step.
WashTec will focus at Oil&NonOil on new digital systems, such as EasyCarWash and WashTec Plus, the practical online management tool specifically for car wash operators. The system that also allows plant to meet the requirements of Transition 4.0 and thereby obtain tax credits. In addition, there will be a focus on the “green” revolution of all AUWA chemical products, namely Green Car Care, whereby all the company’s detergents and car care products will be environmentally friendly while maintaining the same washing quality and performance standards as ever.

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