Oil&nonOil: even more registrations in October!

 In EXHIBITION, Oil&nonOil 2021 Verona

With just under a month to go to the 16th edition of the energy, fuel and mobility services show, registrations are still coming in. Appointment in Verona 24-26 November

24 Lab – Distributori is a company based in Maddaloni (Caserta) boasting twenty years of experience in the rebranding of fuel plant. The company deals with the graphic design, as well as development and installation all over Italy.
24 Lab – Distributori boasts an impressive product catalogue including totems, poles and flag signs, price lists and desks, while the service offering ranges from the design of logos to fitting out shelters, construction of kiosks and prefabricated buildings and even ventilated facades.

ASSYTECH Srl based in Talamona (Sondrio) was founded in 1997 following the merger of various professional skills and experiences in the fuel distribution plant sector. Specialized in design and construction of fuel dispensers and service station management equipment, ASSYTECH offers flexible products and services that respond to the specific needs of its customers: from straightforward fuel dispensers to complete management and automation of the vehicle refuelling area.
The broad range of products includes fuel dispensers, mobile dispensing containers, product load meters, pumping units with electric pumps, electric pump unit for fuels, transfer stations, electric pumps etc., as well as power points for recharging electric vehicles, integrated systems for storing and dispensing AdBlue®, fluid dispensers and centralized fluid distribution devices, automation and management of fuel distribution systems, oils and additives for fleets, fuel treatment and analysis, OTControl Tre plant management software, level monitoring units and level measurement probes.

First time participants include Emme Retail Srl based in Vigonza (Padua). The company is part of the Emme Group, an organization of companies led by a group of professionals who, for over 40 years, have been distributing solutions, products and services in fuelling, e-mobility, ICT, home automation and security sectors throughout Italy.
In addition to distributing fuel dispensers, payment terminals, forecourt control systems, POS and other measurement and control systems, Emme Retail also provides integrated services for the construction and maintenance of service stations. Its partners include Assytech, DBA Group – GL+, Tatsuno e Wayne Fueling Systems. Furthermore, it is the exclusive agent in Italy for Enermia in the oil sector, a company operating in the electric mobility sector with recharging services and equipment.

Gilbarco Veeder Root (whose European headquarters are in Basildon, United Kingdom) – a global leader in fuel distribution solutions and technologies – has also signed up for Oil&nonOil 2021. The company specializes in creating end-to-end solutions for direct outlets, business enterprises and organizations, as well as integrated solutions for refuelling and charging electric vehicles designed with a focus on efficiency and safety.
Gilbarco Veeder Root boasts a broad and varied product offering: fuel dispensers, tank detection systems and submersible pumps, as well as payment terminals and systems for service station automation and control.
Thanks to technical assistance centres located throughout the country, the company also provides a wide range of services.
Gilbarco Veeder Root is Gold Sponsor of Oil&nonOil.

Informatica Valdinievole Srl, based in Massa e Cozzile (Pistoia), specializes in IT solutions for companies distributing petroleum products with a special focus on issues in the LPG sector.
Founded in 1986 with a strongly focus emphasizing customer support and technical assistance, the company capitalizes on its experience by offering highly qualified services in the field of creation and implementation of complete, reliable and easy-to-maintain application solutions.
Furthermore, thanks to a huge range of accessory services, Informatica Valdinievole supports its customers with real-time remote assistance, on-site training and consultancy, as well as installation and support for company IT systems.

Hitechled Srl is a new entry at the 2021 edition. Based in San Biagio di Callalta (Treviso) it specializes in the creation of LED systems for industry, service stations, car parks and the food sector.
The company was founded in 1991 and over the years has organized its production into three main sectors: modular LED systems for illuminated signs, furniture, indoor and outdoor lighting decoration, numerical and graphic LED displays for service stations, clocks, date displays, LED thermometers for indoor and outdoor installations and professional LED lamps ensuring uniform and constant lighting of urban areas and commercial and industrial environments.
In 2017, Hitechled acquired the majority share-holding of a well-known Chinese company specializing in the production of modular LED systems for back-lighting and linear lighting, as well as investing in automated processes and establishing cooperation agreements with some of the leading manufacturers of LED chips for ad hoc customization of LEDs included in products order ensure high and constant quality standards over time for its customers.
LED technology offers a great many advantages, including energy saving, high efficiency and environmental sustainability and, for this reason, is today the most effective and efficient light source for communication and lighting devices.

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