Oil&nonOil 2021: even more registrations on the eve of the inauguration!

 In EXHIBITION, Oil&nonOil 2021 Verona

With less than ten days to go before the 16th Oil&nonOil at Veronafiere 24-26 November opens its doors and while final preparations are underway, companies are still registering for the event!

We can mention Cubogas, one of the main international operators in the design, development and production of solutions for methane gas service stations for motor vehicles. The company based in Cherasco (Cuneo) operates on Italian and international markets with its Cubogas and Fuel Maker brands, on the strength of history going back over 80 years and experience involving more than 3000 service stations built all over the world. The company has been controlled by Snam4Mobility since 2018, which in turn is 100% controlled by the Snam utility group.

Euroinformatica, part of the Dutch IT services group Wolters Kluwer, is based in Prato and supports companies through its software for waste management and environmental protection, alongside an offering of related services for the product. The Atlantide software package is very flexible and include numerous features adapting to the needs of different customers in a crossways area such as waste and in a particularly complex regulatory scenario.

US multinational Chart Industries is the parent company, on the other hand, of the German industrial machinery builder Gofa Gocher Fahrzeugbau. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of mobile cryogenic and non-cryogenic units for the distribution of gases, liquids and bulk goods, including hazardous cargo. It also produces and distributes spare parts, rents trailers and provides maintenance, repair and refurbishment services.

SBP Bilance is also taking part. The company has specialised in weighing since 1966. The company based in San Quirino (Pordenone) boasts a broad range of products including electronic technical workbench scales; electronic weight/price scales connected over a network, as well as a thermal printer and adhesive labels; electronic scales; weighing platforms; weight display apparatus; electronic dynamometers; transpallet scales; electronic piece counters; weighing systems with piece counting and warehouse management. Products are backed-up by calibration services. .

Snam4Mobility, one of the leading energy infrastructure companies in the world, will also attend the trade fair to outline its mission: encourage the expansion of the natural gas distribution network for transport throughout Italy through direct investments, support for other operators and the development of technologies and know-how. The company based in San Donato Milanese (Milan) aims to build 150 new natural gas (compressed and liquefied) distribution centres to make this fuel and its lower pollution emissions increasingly available to cars, buses, trucks and potentially even ships and trains.