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BioGnl and Biomethane: “A perfect example of the circular economy”

Assogasmetano: BioGnl and Biomethane: “A perfect example of the circular economy”

 In EXHIBITION, Oil&nonOil 2021 Verona

Speaking at the “Biomethane and BioGnl: a solution for the climate and energy crisis” Conference organized during Oil&nonOil, the President of Assogasmetano, Flavio Merigo, highlighted the importance of Biomethane and BioGnl as an integral part of the circular economy. “Biomethane vehicles must be granted status as Zero Emission Vehicles, as is already the case in Norway and Sweden”

Biomethane fits perfectly into the logic of the circular economy: it is renewable and reduces emissions. Biomethane, electricity and hydrogen must be given equal consideration. So said Flavio Merigo, President of Assogasmetano, opening the “Biomethane and BioGnl: a solution for the climate and energy crisis” conference moderated by Monica Dall’Olio, editor-in-chief of Oggigreen and Ecomobile magazines, held on November 24 in Verona during the 16th Oil&nonOil exhibition. “Biomethane vehicles must be granted status as Zero Emission Vehicles, as is already the case in Norway and Sweden.” “Italy is the second European market for biogas plant, with 1,700 stations,” said Lorenzo Maggioni, Research and Development Manager of the Italian Biogas Consortium, “and by 2022 we expect to reach the milestone of 30 liquefaction plant, capable of producing more than 100,000 tonnes/year, a figure that would see Italy lead in the world in the biomethane liquefaction sector.” “In recent years,” said Antonio Sileo, Director of ICom’s Innov-E Observatory and Green Fellow at Bocconi University, “methane has acquired its space on the market and the network is constantly expanding, with 1,514 refuelling stations. Old cars could be converted to methane and significantly extend their life cycle.”

“Biomethane,” added Serena Vanzetti, member of Cooperativa Speranza, “is an effective solution for the climate and energy crisis. The production of BioGnl assures environmental, social and economic sustainability.” Representatives of companies active in the methane and biomethane distribution sector also spoke at the conference. “In September 2021,” said Marco Lucà, CEO of Blu Way Srl, “we reached the goal of 20.20% of liquefied biomethane delivered to our service station in Beinasco (Turin): Biomethane was involved in 1 in 5 refuellings.” “Biomethane,” said Mauro Mosca, TotalEnergies Marketing Manager, “is a product with high added value and TotalEnergies is focusing strongly on it to progressively reduce the share of oil-based products.” “The Edison group,” said Davide Macor, Business Market Director of Edison Energia, “is keen to be involved throughout the biomethane supply chain. In 2018, we were the first operator to handle Biomethane. Today we supply 250 service stations. LNG is the only technically usable alternative to diesel for heavy-duty vehicles.” “In the future,” Andrea Ricci, Svp Filling station of Snam4Mobility, went on, “electricity will be used for short-haul travel, while hydrogen and biomethane will certainly be used in long-haul applications. Biomethane is one of the key strategic vectors for reducing climate-altering emissions.”

These reports were followed by representatives of the associations in attendance. “Biomethane,” said Franco Del Manso, Director of international, environmental and technical relations at UNEM, “is an excellent fuel, a very important resource and will make an effective contribution to the CO2 reduction objectives adopted by the EU.” “In recent years,” said Sebastiano Gallitelli, Secretary General of Assopetroli-Assoenegia, “the offering of alternative fuels has seen considerable developments. Within the next two or three years, we expect production of 1.5 billion m3/year of biomethane in Italy, which could completely meet demand for methane in the transport sector.” “Biomethane,” as Fabio Ermolli, Assocostieri Technical Expert, emphasised “offers significant environmental advantages and there are significant margins for expanding its production.”

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