(available as of 9/15/2022)

Oil&nonOil combines the exhibition offering with a rich programme of conferences, seminars and workshops.


Wednesday 24 November 2021


09:30-11:00 • BLUE ROOM (‘BLU’), Hall 12
Vi.Vi.Fir (Virtual Endorsement of Formulari) and R.E.N.T.Ri (National Electronic Waste Traceability Register).
The digital transformation applied to waste management: a revolution in the making

coordinated by: Euroinformatica Srl

09:30-13:00 • GREEN ROOM (‘VERDE’), Hall 12
Bio-methane & Bio-LNG: a solution to the climate and energy crisis
coordinated by: Assogasmetano

11:30-14:30 • BLUE ROOM (‘BLU’), Hall 12
RRP – Italy: energy and sustainable mobility
coordinated by: Oil&nonOil Veronafiere – Pilat&Partners

13:30-14:30 • GREEN ROOM (‘VERDE’), Hall 12
Private and international petroleum cards: opportunities and business
coordinated by: Fortech Srl

14:45-16:15 • BLUE ROOM (‘BLU’), Hall 12
Energy price dynamics in the transition stage
coordinated by: FAIB – Federazione Autonoma Italiana Benzinai

15:00-18:00 • GREEN ROOM (‘VERDE’), Hall 12
The Italian hydrogen challenge
coordinated by: Oil&nonOil Veronafiere – Pilat&Partners

16:30-18:00 • BLUE ROOM (‘BLU’), Hall 12
Evolution of digital payments and consequent impact on security for fuel points of sale
coordinated by: Gilbarco Veeder-Root and Unem – Unione Energie per la Mobilità

Thursday 25 November 2021


09:30-12:30 • GREEN ROOM (‘VERDE’), Hall 12
The role of new technologies to safeguard fuels
coordinated by: Oil&nonOil Veronafiere – Pilat&Partners

09:30-12:30 • BLUE ROOM (‘BLU’), Hall 12
Development of LNG in Italy: successful case histories for applications in industrial and institutional contexts
coordinated by: Federchimica-Assogasliquidi

13:00-14:00 • GREEN ROOM (‘VERDE’), Hall 12
Management integration for depots and network operators
coordinated by: Emme Informatica Srl

13:00-14:30 • BLUE ROOM (‘BLU’), Hall 12
From service station to multi-service station
coordinated by: Fortech Srl

15:00-18:00 • BLUE ROOM (‘BLU’), Hall 12
The future of logistics and new global challenges
coordinated by: Oil&nonOil Veronafiere – Pilat&Partners

Friday 26 November 2021


10:00-11:00 • BLUE ROOM (‘BLU’), Hall 12
LETEXPO: Verona hosts the largest green transport and logistics trade fair
coordinated by: ALIS – Logistic Association of Sustainable Intermodality

11:30-14:30 • BLUE ROOM (‘BLU’), Hall 12
The hydrogen challenge: geopolitics and new equilibriums
coordinated by: Oil&nonOil Veronafiere – Pilat&Partners

15:00-18:00 • BLUE ROOM (‘BLU’), Hall 12
Green Europe and the future of the energy market
coordinated by: Oil&nonOil Veronafiere – Pilat&Partners



Wednesday 21 October 2020


09:00-11:30 • GREEN ROOM (‘VERDE’), HALL 4
New perspectives for rationalisation and modernisation of the network: the “de Toma” resolution
coordinated by: Oil&nonOil

11:30-13:00 • GREEN ROOM (‘VERDE’), HALL 4
Closures of service stations and environmental restoration
coordinated by: UNEM – Unione Energie per la Mobilità


16:00-17:30 • BLUE ROOM (‘BLU’) HALL 4
Technological innovation, hardware and e-DAS for legality and quality of products in the age of digitization
coordinated by: F.A.I. – Federazione Autotrasportatori Italiani and Conftrasporto

Thursday 22 October 2020


10:00-12:30 • GREEN ROOM (‘VERDE’), HALL 4
Green New Deal and its impact on fuel logistics and distribution
coordinated by: Assopetroli Assoenergia and Assocostieri

11:30-13:00 • BLUE ROOM (‘BLU’), HALL 4
Unresolved issues in the oil and energy sector
coordinated by: Sorrentino Pasca Toma law firm

12:30-13:30 • GREEN ROOM (‘VERDE’), HALL 4
Electronic notification of payments and loading-unloading registers
coordinated by: Fortech Srl

14:00-15:30 • GREEN ROOM (‘VERDE’), HALL 4
Social responsibility, environmental sustainability and safety: LNG for the restart with a view to the future
coordinated by: Federchimica Assogasliquidi

14:00-15:30 • BLUE ROOM (‘BLU’), HALL 4
Illegality: the current situation as regards fraud and risks for buyers
coordinated by: Oil&nonOil

15:30-17:00 • BLUE ROOM (‘BLU’), HALL 4
The impact of the spread of smart working on demand for fuels and mobility
Problems and opportunities for companies operating in goods and people transport sectors

coordinated by: Quotidiano Energia, Gruppo Italia Energia Srl

16:00-17:30 • GREEN ROOM (‘VERDE’), HALL 4
Hydrogen for transports
coordinated by: Mirumir Srl

Friday 23 October 2020


10:30-12:30 • GREEN ROOM (‘VERDE’), HALL 4
The strategic role of bio-methane in transport
coordinated by: Assogasmetano and CIB-Consorzio Italiano Biogas